Seek Peace and Pursue It…

“Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” – Psalm 34:14 (NIV)

In these times, it can be hard to find peace. We want peace in our country, peace in our world, peace in our families, peace in our churches, but peace can be hard to find, it eludes us. One of the places we often struggle for peace is right in our own hearts. Where can you go to find peace? Is it a place or is it a “state of being”? I find that true peace begins in our hearts…with God. God can give us such pure peace, it truly is from another world. I can get unplugged from technology, sit in a quiet place, but until I let God’s peace enter into my heart, I still feel restless and noisy inside. The psalmist writes about seeking peace and pursuing it. Pursue—this means there’s action involved, we run, we chase after peace. Isn’t that true? But the key is what are we running after to get that peace….Our spouse or significant other? Our bank account? A favorite activity? As we pursue God, we find God’s peace. Pursuing the right thing is the key. Where can you go to find quiet so you can focus on and pursue God? I enjoy being in nature, that’s a place I like to pursue God’s peace. Water, a beach, the woods, fields, all of these things can get me into a place of experiencing God’s peace. I listen to the birds. Feel the wind. Watch the waves lapping the shore. As I experience these calming lullabies of nature, my worries and stress melt away and I begin to pray to God. I can pray for God in many places, but nature is my favorite. Where is your favorite place to pursue God and His peace? Seek it. Pursue it today.

Activity–find a place today to seek peace. Whether it’s a quiet place in your home, a bedroom, a park, just find a place to pray and seek God’s peace.

Prayer- “God of Peace, I ask that you enter my heart today. Make your presence so real to me that I know without a doubt that you are here. Help me to seek peace in you rather than other things, knowing that your peace is true and lasting.  Amen”.



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