Our Divine Helper

“I lift up my eyes to the hills– where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 (NIV)

We all need help at one time or another. We need help as children getting dressed, tying our shoes, or riding our bikes. We need help learning to drive as teenagers. As we age, we need help with other things– family, work, growing old gracefully. As elderly people we may need help with decisions, caring for ourselves, moving to a new home, or balancing our checkbook. Let’s face it—there are a lot of helpers out there in life! And we can be helpers to one another as well. But even the best helpers have times of fatigue, boredom, frustration…. helping can sometimes take a lot of out of us! Thankfully, we have a Divine Helper, the Maker of heaven and earth, the Lord. He never tires, never gives up, never throws in the towel. Despite our many sins and problems, God is always there to help us. No circumstance is too small for Him to help with. But we just have to ask. The psalmist declares that to find this “larger-than-life” helper, we must raise up our eyes…look to the hills and above… look past our circumstances and seek the only One who can truly help us through anything– God our Savior.

Activity– Whom has been a help to you lately, and how have they helped you? Pray a word of thanksgiving for that person(s). Pick one person you can help this week and pray for ways to help them.

Prayer– “God, so many times I look to books, friends, the Internet, hobbies, or other people to help me, when I really need to just take my troubles to you alone. Thank you for walking alongside me, and teach me how to ask for your help and see your help in the midst of my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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