Light to Lead Us Home

“Your word is lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”- Psalm 119:105 (NIV)

Have you ever been lost? I mean, really lost?

Years ago, I was driving home at night from Detroit. I followed a freeway as planned, but missed the exit to change to another freeway. As I drove past the exit sign, I realized the road was taking me deeper into Detroit. I finally got off on another exit and drove into a nearby neighborhood. It was dark and deserted. Now, these were the days before cell phones, navigation systems, Siri, and GPS, and I had nothing but a paper map to guide me. I pulled into a deserted gas station, and after perusing the map under my weak dome light, I noticed a road I was not far from. A road that if I followed directly west for many miles, would take me into a town I recognized, and then I could make my way home. With hope pounding in my heart, I pulled out of the station and found my way to this road. It was like a beacon of light, and sure enough, I followed it out of the city and eventually found my way home.

I think this verse is so helpful in times of darkness on our journey of life. God’s word is a lamp, a beacon, a light on our path. It can take us to where we need to go, if we just follow it. But notice, it’s not like a big tractor beam, or when we turn our brights on at night to see far ahead of us. It’s a light by our feet, on our path. It doesn’t necessarily illuminate everything ahead, but just enough around our feet, so that we can walk step by step forward. It illuminates the journey forward to bring us closer to God. The darkness may boil and wind around the sides of us, but our path is lit. The light is true. We just need to follow it.

Prayer- “God, thank you for lighting my path with your word. At times when there is so much darkness, I pray for the light of your word to guide me, and ask that you open my heart to receive it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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