Blessed By Using Your Gifts

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”–1 Peter 4:10

Sometimes serving others can feel like a burden. Sometimes it can be a blessing. I was blessed by serving this weekend.

We had our annual Palm Sunday Brunch at church and arrived early to set up. Though the meal was catered, we had the job of setting the tables, arranging plates and cups, rolling silverware in napkins, starting the coffee, pouring juice and milk, clearing tables, and running the dishwasher. As I worked alongside other parents and youth, I realized how fun it was to serve with them. We talked, laughed, shared experiences, and enjoyed one another’s company! “Many hands make light work” is a true statement. Three hours buzzed by in no time, and it was especially gratifying to see over a hundred and twenty people enjoying a meal together, young and old, conversing, laughing, and sharing together. Thought I went home tired, I felt joy.

Early that afternoon I was napping and was called to sub for another artist and lead a painting party at my workplace. Though I was tired, I went anyway. As I settled in with ten wonderful ladies to paint a spring canvas, one asked if we could change the music to a Christian station. I did so, and we enjoyed wonderful praise music for the next two hours! I talked to two moms who described their families and the church they went to. And I was blessed. Leading Christian ladies through a painting, listening to praise music, and painting (my favorite activity) seemed like the trifecta! Once again, I went home tired but joyful.

I was able to use my gifts to show others God’s grace, and in return, the grace got returned back to me. That’s what happens when we serve. We are often changed ourselves. And that is a true blessing.

Look around you this week….where is God calling you to use your gifts and serve? Don’t hesitate, jump in, and see how you can be a blessing to others….and in return, how they will bless you!

Prayer–“Lord, you have gifted me to serve. Help me make the time and give me the desire to share my gifts with others. This week, open my eyes to opportunities to serve. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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