Winds of the Spirit

“I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.”–  Psalm 119:32

Dandelions are remarkable and prolific plants. Although they annoy us when we see them sprouting in our yards, and we splash them with Round Up or yank them up by the roots out of our flower gardens, there is still something interesting about them. As a child I used to collect  large quantities of them, plucking the tender leaves and placing them in a bucket, and I watched as my grandma would cook them in vinegar and bits of crumbled bacon. I loved eating dandelion greens! They are such a hardy plant, and can grow in the most nutrient-deficient locations—rocks, weeds, clay, under and about machines or structures.

Today is windy and warm, and as I drove to a friend’s house this morning, I noticed the dandelion seeds flowing off in the wind. I am amazed that a yellow infamous weed can turn downy-white and fly off into worlds unknown. I have picked apart dandelion heads, noticing the tiny seed pod attached to a feather-like top. I love blowing them away, as many children do, and notice the thimble-like head that is left behind, where a seed pod clung until mature and then was catapulted into worlds unknown, free, going wherever the wind blew.

I think our faith life is like that at times. We cling to God, getting nourishment for our souls, then like the dandelion, are given our freedom through Jesus Christ, so we can be catapulted by faith off into the wind of the Holy Spirit to worlds unknown. I often wonder how far a dandelion can travel. Where they end up. There’s no way to track them like birds, but I sometimes wonder where they came from when popping up in my yard. From across the street? From across the city? It’s an interesting thought.

Christ gives us freedom. Freedom from sin and death, to go wherever the winds of the Spirit guide us. Freedom in our hearts to share our faith, to take root in lands unknown and to plant love in lives that need it most. Where might the winds of the Spirit be taking you this week? Use your freedom to go into the world, sharing love and compassion with those you meet. Christ freed you for a purpose, and as you move and grow in faith, the adventures are just beginning!

Prayer–” Gracious God, thank you for your gift of freedom in Jesus Christ. I pray as you deepen my faith that I will use that freedom to share your love with others, wherever your Spirit takes me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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