Bonds of Love

“I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.”–Psalm 89:1

I love summertime.

I like the new warmth and the sun beating on my skin and the birds waking me up at dawn. I like late nights, star-gazing, and the peeper frogs croaking and the crickets humming. I like s’mores cooking over the bonfire and their charred caramel-crunchy crust. I love to watch the hummingbirds zip to my bird feeder and their ruby-throats dazzled by the light. I love going to the pool (where this picture was taken), smelling suntan lotion and seeing kids frolicking in the turquoise water. I like ice cream and grilled foods and the Farmer’s Market and the “ping” of golf clubs hitting a ball and….and…..I could go on and on and on.

With the start of summer came my godson’s graduation party on Sunday. We so enjoyed driving to his party, hugging and congratulating him and hearing his plans for the fall. His parents are good friends of mine, ones I have known since seminary. The cheery white smile and dancing blue eyes of his mom made us fast friends. We were two transplants whose paths crossed, coming to school to learn ministry together. Enter Jay, another pastor-to-be, with an infectious laugh and comic sense of humor. We hung out, talked together, and otherwise had a great time at school. They got married, and along came the children. Our families have enjoyed times together over the years, catching up on life, being listening ears, and watching these amazing kids of ours turn into young adults. My husband and I truly cherish our friendship with them and can feel their bonds of love over the years.

As I reflect on where this family and ours have come, and our roots in meeting so many years ago, I feel truly blessed. We are in the throes of launching the next generation, teaching them about God, helping them find their way in life. God has been faithful to both our families in so many ways over the years, through good times and hard times. Today my heart is filled with rejoicing over God’s faithfulness and love. I can’t keep quiet!

What do you like about summertime? Perhaps your plans will include spending time with cherished family and friends. I hope it does. And as you reflect on God’s faithfulness and love in your own family and friends, I hope you can share that with other people as well!

Prayer–“God of the generations, I am so blessed by the family and friends I have. Thank you for bringing them into my life and building bonds of love between us. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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