Slowing Down

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.”— Psalm 62:1

We had a big, beautiful snowfall this morning.

A wintery mix of snow and rain began, which then turned to huge monster flakes of show, showering down, covering everything. I loved watching the snow pile up, the tree branches coated, the pines heavy with snow on their boughs.

It wasn’t so fun to get out of my driveway and drive in it, however. I carefully backed down the driveway, testing for ice. Once on the road, I aimed my wheels for the existing tracks and slowly plowed forward, listening to the crunch under my tires. At a stoplight at a busy intersection, I made a left-hand turn, and as I completed my turn, I felt my tires spin and slip, and began to fish-tail around the corner. Luckily no one was near me and I could coast a little before regaining control of the car. Cautiously, I pushed the gas pedal, got the car straightened out, and drove about 25 mph on a 50 mph road for the remainder of my trip. It was obvious I had to majorly slow down.

This holiday season can be like that drive. We fill our calendars with parties, food, get-togethers, gifts, shopping, baking, and a myriad of other activities before Christmas. I spent parts of the last 3 days at my church making food for a craft show lunch, helping at the show, attending meetings, and watching my daughter’s Christmas program. All good things, all things that warmed my heart and soul, but yesterday afternoon I crashed on the couch by a roaring fire and realized I had to slow down. Life had become too fast and too full. I needed Sabbath rest.

Today I have things to get done, but I am also having quiet time and prayer. I am slowing down, regaining control of my schedule, and taking my time getting to where I am called to be today. I am finding God can give my soul rest, in ways that just sleeping cannot. That is where we find our true rest. The psalmist knew it, and we can have that gift as well.

As you are bustling about this season, where do you need to take time and slow down and rest? How might God restore your soul?

Prayer—“God of rest, you are all I need. Help me to slow down and find ways to manage the busy-ness of the season. Open my eyes to taking care of my soul and focusing on you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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