Cotton Candy Clouds

“You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”— Psalm 18:28

I am a creature who likes light.

We have had very cold temps, but with that also come brilliant sunny skies. I must say I like those sunny days versus the gray and dreary days of winter. Despite sub-zero temps since Christmas, we have had more light.

I traveled to Chicago on Friday and had a very early flight. As we boarded in the dark and took off into the darkness, I wished for light. Many cabin window shades were pulled down and very few groggy passengers had on reading lights. The “fasten seat belt” sign was about all that was illuminated above our heads. The cabin was pretty much plunged into darkness. After we reached cruising altitude, I noticed a sliver of pink off to my left. A flight attendant had sat in two empty seats and opened the window shade. A brilliant pink slice of light shown through the window—the impending sunrise. My eyes were riveted to that slice of pink. As I watched, it got brighter! I felt a sense of comfort and hope as I watched the slice of light grow and change.

Today I saw the most amazing scene at sunrise–“cotton candy clouds”, pictured above. I loved the brilliant horizon and the clouds were wispy pink with blue shadows. I imagined just reaching out and grabbing the clouds! I watched the brilliant colors light up the sky and watched the light chase away the blue-gray darkness.

With our new year off to a start, we can rest assured that the light of Jesus lights our dark world. Many started the year with hope and excitement, others with dread and fear. Let’s face it, there is much in our nation and world that is amiss right now. We need a light for our darkness… we need a hope and joy that we can cling to. Jesus is light. Jesus brings light. And Jesus, the God-incarnate, came down from the magnificant light in heaven to live with us and He brings His glorious light to us.

I am a creature who likes light. Praise the Lord that Jesus reaches out to creatures like me and you and invites us to bask in His glorious light. Light cuts through fear and despair, light brings hope, light changes lives. Let’s live with the Light today!

Prayer–“God of light, drive out the darkness in our lives. Where there is stress, bring peace. Where there is despair, bring hope. Where there is hate, bring love. Make us to shine for you in all that we say and do. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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