Get Outside

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”– words of Jesus from John 12:46

This morning I heard a cheerful cardinal’s song outside my window in the bathroom.

I often hear birds in the springtime, singing in the morning, but this was unusual to me for a couple reasons. 1. It isn’t spring. 2. This morning it is -10 degrees F. Granted, the bird may be talking to his mate or he may just be in a really good mood, but still, I was surprised.

Super-cold weather can make anyone grumpy, and long stretches of it certainly can try the nerves. My father-in-law likes to say this weather is “bracing.” I have other words for it. But I do like to listen to the cardinal and know that “this too shall pass” and warmer weather is coming sometime…

In times like these when Christmas is past and spring is still dormant, it can lead us to cabin fever. I have found the best way to resolve this is do the opposite of what you might think— get out of the house! I have enjoyed several walks with my dog in the past weeks, bundled up with several layers, plodded through the beautiful snow and sunny skies. I try to get out somewhere daily, whether there is snow, ice, dirty slush, or balmy 40-degree warmth. It’s good for the soul.

Sometimes our hearts get caged up, just like in cold weather. We get cold, we hibernate, and we withdraw from the world. God wants to breathe new life into our cold dark hearts, breaths of warm love and mercy and kindness. He wants us to “get outside” of our selves, our circumstances, our pain, and see Him for who He truly is: our Savior and friend. He invites us to stand in the light of His glory, glorious warmth radiating into every part of our lives. He wants us to live. He wants us to thrive.

Where might your heart and soul need to “get outside” today? Ask God into your heart and be open to His quiet love, grace, and forgiveness. Get out of hibernation-mode and into “life-mode”. Enjoy your day, knowing God is all you need!

Prayer—“God of light and warmth, you invite me into your glorious light when my heart is stuck in cold and darkness. Come into my life today and bring me into new life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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