“Yes” is God’s Response.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I was in the pharmacy, paying for my items.

While the cashier was ringing them up, a UPS man came through the sliding glass doors and up to the counter. He had a long, thin green box in his arms, and as I was slipping my card out of the chip reader, he asked the cashier, “Is there a Christine _____ here?”

The cashier looked up, and the man asked the question again, “Does Christine ____ work here?”

The cashier replied, “Yes, but I think she is upstairs.” He finished up with me, gave me my receipt and bag, and left to find her.

As I was walking out of the store, I wondered what was in the box, so I went up to the man and noticed it said “Pro Flowers”. Ahhhh. I figured it out, it was a bouquet for Valentine’s Day! Someone was getting a romantic gift!

So I asked him, “Are those flowers?”

He smiled and nodded.

I got a big grin and jokingly asked, “Are they for me?” His smile got wider, he didn’t know what to say. He probably thought, “So who IS this crazy woman bugging me about flowers? I’m just the guy who delivers the box”. So I followed up with, “I’m not Christine”, gave him another smile, and walked out the door.

I don’t always go up to strangers like that and ask questions, but I wanted to have a little fun with the guy, so I did. Some lucky lady was going to get a beautiful bouquet. She was going to be surprised by someone’s love and kind gift. What a cool thing for her, I thought, as I walked out with no flowers in my hand. The gift was for someone else.

There are times we might feel like the gift is always for someone else. Someone else might have the nicer car, the friendlier spouse, the smarter kid, the better home, the fancier vacation, the better life. We compare ourselves with others and we forget how gifted we really are.

In Christ, God’s response to us is always “Yes.” When we come to Him in humble grace, acknowledging Christ as our Savior and our need for Him in our lives, we are always the recipient of His marvelous gifts, He does not with hold anything from us. No matter what is going on in our lives, gifts of love, grace, mercy, light, forgiveness, joy, and peace, have our name of them, and they flow from His throne to us daily!

Enjoy God’s gifts today, knowing they are for YOU!

Prayer—“God of all gifts, thank you for all you give me. Help me to open my hands and heart to receive all gifts both big and small. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”



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