Doing It God’s Way

“Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.”— Psalm 128:1

My mom is the queen of spring cleaning.

This past week, I flew three states away to spend time with her and my ailing father. She has little time to do deep cleaning, so I eagerly offered to have my son and I help her. Now, my idea of “spring cleaning” is to bump up regular cleaning with sorting old clothes, putting away heavy blankets and coats, sorting out things I don’t want, or taking things to Good Will. Maybe a few additional chores like dusting things I don’t normally dust, or cleaning out my fridge.

My mom’s idea of “spring cleaning” is the old-fashioned, traditional way of doing it. This involves wiping down every wall with a damp or dry rag, wiping all wood mouldings (picture, chair rail, and baseboard), wiping down every light globe and light fixture, moving furniture and antiques out of the room, taking down every piece of artwork and wiping it, spraying the glass, vacuuming the floors, changing out seasonal decorations, then putting everything back and sliding furniture into its place (after changing some out).

We started on the dining room. My mom handed me cleaning supplies, rags, and a ladder and instructed me to start with the walls. She knows my propensity to NOT be a “cleaning queen” so gave me instructions with the attached phrase: “Do it my way.”

“Do it my way”.

Four little words that I kept playing over in my head as I climbed the ladder, wiped, and did more wiping. As the morning wore on, I was convinced I’d wiped and cleaned more than I did in a year at my house (that includes my son who was wiping all the lights on a ladder. By the end of two rooms he had counted over 40). As I collapsed on the hard wooden floor before lunch, sprawled out on my back like death warmed over, my mom chuckled. After lunch, a walk, and a break, she asked if we’d help with the living room (twice as big). Obediently I said yes, reciting “Do it my way” in my head. And so I did.

This experience reminded me of a loving God who tells us time and time again, “Do It My Way.” With a squeaky clean house and fragrance of cleaning supplies in the air, I can see why my mom went to all the trouble for spring cleaning. It really did make things better. I felt so good and tired, but mostly good.

God knows that if we do things His way, we will experience more joy, peace, mercy, and good-will in our lives. His way protects us from evil. His way brings life. His way breaks death and shame. His way brings us closer to Him. His way brings blessings. His way opens the door to eternal life. It’s when we follow our own ways, taking short-cuts, squandering time, and living in sin, that makes us miserable.

I don’t know about you, but today I want to live life God’s way. Let’s humble ourselves, ask Him for guidance, and lean into His leading. We may feel good and tired, but it will be worth it!

Prayer–“Gracious God, help me to desire to live Your way. Come into my heart and do some spring cleaning, getting rid of all that offends you, so that I can feel good and tired doing all that you have called me to do. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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