“Take A Book. Return a Book.”

“…..And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.”— Matthew 28:20b

I recently found out a close family member and part of her family will be moving overseas in two months. This is on top of my son moving to another state to college in three months.

This week I have been dealing with many emotions and while out bike riding, I discovered a little mini-library on a post by someone’s yard. The caption under it said, “Take a book. Return a book”.

I looked through the books, mostly children’s books, and I wondered what books started there and where their journey took them. Are they in a soft-lit baby’s room, on a handmade bookshelf, being pored over each night? Are they in a diaper bag or backpack to be pulled out at a moment’s notice? Are they in a box for the thrift store, having been enjoyed and on to another owner?

I realized this tiny library on a post is kind of an example of life. We as humans don’t stay in one place. We stay for awhile, we live part of our lives, then we move to something or somewhere new. We may leave, we may return, we don’t always know for sure. We may be surrounded by old comfortable relationships, and then God says, “It’s time to try something else.” We may find ourselves surrounded by new situations, new people, and new surroundings and have to adapt and adjust. Or we may stay somewhere for a long period of time.

Feelings of grief and loss don’t just occur with a death, they can crop up just as strongly with loss of a job, a relationship, a situation, a dream. Walking those feelings is difficult, but the journey must be made. There is truly a time for all things….

Any big changes in your life? Walking with some challenging feelings due to a loss in your life? Turn to God, submit your feelings to Him, have Him walk beside you. The beauty is, God always walks with you, no matter whether you stay or return. He is by your side always. He doesn’t change and He doesn’t leave. He is always there.

Prayer—“Gracious God, in the midst of change and loss, You still walk beside me. Walk beside me now, as I navigate these comings and goings in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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