Your Divine Appointment

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”– Psalm 42:2

God meets us in the most unlikely of places.

My son is working on the grounds crew of a golf course this summer. In addition to mowing, raking sand bunkers, moving tees, and repairing divots, he has gotten to know several workers from El Salvador and Mexico. Despite a language barrier with some, he tries his limited Spanish and invites them to teach him more words.

Last week found him waiting out the rain by doing work in the maintenance building. He and Alex, a man from El Salvador with good English skills, were assigned to clean toilets. As they were doing their job, Alex asked my son if he went to church. My son said Yes, and there, cleaning toilets, began a whole conversation about faith.

Alex shared about his life—his three daughters, his divorce, his attempt to take his life. But then he found Jesus and a new church and has been able to rise above the challenges he faced. He asked my son about his dreams, what he wants to study in college, and they discussed church and faith. He looked at my son and told him that God had a plan for him, that He would lead him to discover His passions and lead him in the right direction in life. He told him that he needed to read the Bible and attend church and that God would show him the way.

My son relayed this story to me with tears streaming out of his eyes. He was moved, so moved, that someone from another country who has had such difficulties in life would be sharing God’s words with him, while doing a boring job of cleaning toilets. He was moved that someone would tell him that God had a plan for him, that God would lead him, because that is what he has been pondering lately. Direction.

As the tears flowed, my joy increased. I shared with my son how that is exactly how the Holy Spirit works in our lives—often coming to us through people or circumstances or experiences at the most unlikely of times and in the most unlikely of places. Those mundane, boring, unexpected moments of time are when the Holy Spirit may reach out and touch us in incredible ways and speak the words we so desperately need to hear. I reminded him how Moses was sitting around by a bush and God spoke. Elijah was hiding out in a cave and God spoke. God can meet us anytime and anywhere, and I think His divine appointment with my son was on a golf course cleaning toilets.

Where might your divine appointment with God be today? Pray to keep your eyes and ears open, or you may miss it. And rejoice and praise God when it happens!

Prayer–“God, you often meet us in the most unlikely of places. Open my heart and mind to see your presence in my life today so I can hear your words of life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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