Brokenness Brings Healing

“He [the Lord] heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”— Psalm 147:3

A little girl in our church recently broke her arm.

Yesterday we saw her after the service and she had a colorful cast of rainbow colors going up her arm past her elbow. She stood as people exited the sanctuary with a black marker in her hand, and extended the cast out for people to sign.

Knowing the challenges of an active little girl breaking her arm when summer started, many of the adults stopped, stooped down, inquired about her injury, and decorated her cast with their names. Having a daughter who endured the same injury a few years back, I stopped and added my name as well.

The little girl looked up brightly into my eyes and asked where my teenage daughter was was. My daughter has been the recipient of her hugs and adoration for quite some time now, and it was obvious she wanted her to sign her cast. My daughter was caught up in the line of parishioners coming out the door, but once out, she came up to this girl, kneeled down and smiled, looked at her cast, and scrawled her name among the rest.

My eyes have saved that vision of my daughter kneeling and signing a cast, because I saw God that moment. Not that my daughter was God. But that action reminded me of God. A God who kneels down to us. A God who heals us. A God who scrawls His words of love on our invisible casts, places where we are broken, places that need His healing touch.

Where might you be experiencing hurt and brokenness in your life today? Where might you need God’s healing touch?

Know that God comes to you. God kneels down and writes His words of love on your heart. And in time, just like a healed arm is released from a cast, God can bring healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to your life as well!

Prayer–“God of healing, you promise to come to me in my times of need. Where there is pain, bring healing. Where there is brokenness, bring healing. And open my eyes to see your healing hand in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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