A Rock with Answers

“Be still and know that I am God”…—–Psalm 46:10

“He left no stone un-turned.”

I remember this saying and sometimes think about what it means. Do we really look for answers under rocks? I doubt it, but you never know. It depends on the looker and the type of rock—maybe Indiana Jones-types look under rocks as a way to discover clues, knowing a secret vault will open if they turn a rock to the left or right or just lift it up.

Today I saw an answer in a rock. It didn’t need turning over. It’s been a busy week full of challenges and I was out walking my dog with my daughter. We left the residential street to walk on a trail through the woods. At the side of the path, someone (I am guessing a kid) had positioned a medium-sized rock under a tree, visible to the eye, though tree branches hung low to the ground and almost obscured it. I almost missed it. But it read:

“Be Still.”

Be Still. Be Still. As the words rattled around in my brain, I thought immediately of the verse, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Just the words I needed to hear this week. Running from here to there, between appointments, work, obligations, and challenges, I have not been still. I have sought answers. And my body and brain know it. So does my soul.

“Be Still.”

The words I needed to hear this week. I need a time of silence. A time to dispel the thoughts and demands on my time and energy. A time to just be.

I find in our culture that being still is not looked upon very favorably. “Being still” denotes not expending energy, which denotes that you are not doing something, not being productive. But I have found that in the rushing to be productive, we often meet ourselves coming and going, which causes stress and burnout.

When we take time to just be, when we can be still in the presence of God, we learn so much about ourselves and others. We learn so much about God. And we can have that peace that passes understanding seep into the hectic corners of our lives.

“Be Still.” Where do you need stillness and God’s presence today? Quit running and just be. It will change your day!

Prayer—-“Gracious God, when I am still in your presence, the worries and demands of life just melt away. Invite me, call me, and lead me into a deeper time in Your Word and Spirit. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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