God Provides

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”— Matthew 6:26

I am thankful for small things, even small pieces of hardware.

Yesterday I was excited to have a delivery—-a new bed frame for my teen daughter. Upon seeing the package, I was dismayed to see that it was battered and torn, with some holes in it, and the end flap of the box was completely ripped open. It sat forlornly against my porch door. After getting it in my house, I eventually got around to taking out the directions and going through each item, one by one, to see what might be missing. I was further dismayed to hold the package upside down after the big pieces were out and several screws cascaded onto my floor. I found the hardware package had a ripped hole in it and after careful counting found three screws were missing.

Ugh. What to do? Since it was shipped from across the country, running to the local store would not help. I called Home Depot and a hardware store, and luckily Home Depot said they had what I needed. I drove there and went to the Hardware section, where a woman with an orange apron helped me find the exact screw size and I took them home and found they fit perfectly!

As I cut up the large battered box today, I reflected on my experience. Yesterday I was crabby and frustrated that this had all happened. Today I was just thankful. Thankful that one woman found the three screws I needed, and that the bed is finally put together and looks wonderful!

I think God placed that woman in my path. He knew I was feeling frustrated and needed help. Nothing is too small for God to help us with. I am convinced of that. God provides for the birds and all creatures, and we are much more valuable to Him. He can and will provide for us.

Where might God need to send a person to cross your path today? Small problems feeling insurmountable? Know that God knows, and can help you with the smallest things, and He is waiting for you to call upon Him.

Give thanks for the small things! And look for God’s provision.

Prayer—“God, thank you for helping me out with even the small things. Often I forget to thank you. Give me a heart of gratitude to see your provision in all areas of my life. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

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