Seeing Your Gifts In Today

“Every good and perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights….” James 1:17

Every day is a gift.

We have heard these words many times, I’m sure, and as I look out at a snow storm that is piling up snow in the streets, in trees, and on my driveway, I remember them too.

Soon the snow blowers will start their buzzing sounds as they chew away snow and throw it across drifts. Snake-like tire tracks in the snow will become smoother roads once the mammoth snow plows roar through, their huge blades scraping against the pavement, and their sand and salt sprinklers rotating happily….

School is out, my daughter is happy, and I got to come home from work early. Such is life when there is a snow storm.

Sometimes we don’t see the gifts that God sets in front of us. We are too busy, distracted, overwhelmed, or distraught to see. We don’t see the gifts we have in a warm house or clothing or a bed, or a car that starts in cold weather. We miss the beauty in a cardinal singing early in the morning, a sunset, a full moon, a wriggly puppy, or a baby’s giggle. Despite our circumstances where ever we live and whatever we find ourselves doing today, there is always room for seeing God’s hand at work, if we just try.

So I invite you…. what gifts do you see God bringing your way today? They can be big or small… but they are there. As you find time to reflect, acknowledge God’s presence and activity in your life. Look for the gifts, receive them with a heart of gratitude, and watch how the cold places in your heart will warm up, even on a cold day!

Prayer–“God of all good gifts, thank you for today. Thank you for breath and life and the many people and gifts you surround me with. Give me eyes to see them as you do: blessed and beloved. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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