My God Is Good

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”– Psalm 107:1

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Florida.

As I was walking down the beach one day, I went off the beaten path near a lagoon with a sandy area. I noticed that someone had scrawled something in the sand in large letters and went closer to see what they wrote. Expecting a message like so-in-so loves so-in-so, or so-in-so “was here”, I was surprised to find a bold blatant message that read:

MY GOD IS GOOD. (See my photo above)

I don’t know why this should surprise me, but it does. We are digitally, visually, psychologically, and vocally deluged with messages, all the time, every day. From our smartphones to our TV streaming, from billboards to advertising, social media to products we buy, (and who can forget the nightly news), messages come our way whether we like them or not. And many messages aren’t always that healthy.

I was thankful that someone had made the time to write these four words in the sand and that my feet were led to walk up to them. I liked how the sand writer used the word “My” when describing this Good God. It shows that it isn’t just any old god sitting around, but that it was the writer’s personal God. And I loved the fact that they stated that God Is Good. I often don’t look around me enough to see all the good things God is doing in my life, and I often miss the fact that one of the key attributes to the God I know is that He is loving and GOOD. In a world and culture that seems to be riding recklessly on a wave of sin and destruction to ourselves, others, and our world, it cheered me up to hear those words.

Finally, I liked how unexpected this message was: in the sand, off the beaten path.

God enters my life and those who saw it in an unexpected way. Four words scrawled in sand. A reminder of God’s love and goodness. It moved me, because someone could shout it from a roof top and I’d still say it meant more to me personally to discover it in a less-traveled and unobtrusive way. I believe my feet were led to these words for a reason and it reminds me how God breaks into our lives in sometimes small, but powerful ways.

Where might you be called to see God’s goodness today? What ways might God be moving in your own heart and life, prompting you to say “My God Is Good”? And how might you share this powerful message with someone else?

Prayer-“Good and gracious God, I thank you for the ways your word comes into my life, in small but powerful ways. Help me to open my eyes and heart to your goodness, and to share that with others. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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