Praise For the Miracle of Easter

“Great is the Lord, he is most worthy of praise; no one can measure his greatness…” — Psalm 145:3 (

Miracles really do happen, even in our current times.

I have been following the story of Landen, the boy who was thrown from a third floor balcony of the Mall of America. I was at the mall the morning it happened and though I did not witness it or know about it until later that day, it has weighed heavily on my heart this past week.

It seemed that one more stab of evil prevailed, who could survive a fall like that? Who could live through massive head trauma, multiple broken bones? Who could live through such an act of violence?

I read some updates today, including news links and it appears Landen is now a living example of a miracle, and evidence of the power of prayer. A link can be seen here:

All I can do is let my tears flow, and say, “Praise God.” Praise God for His answer to our prayers. Praise God for His lovingkindness and His great mercy. Praise God for taking a horrific situation and using it for good. Praise God for allowing His glorious light to shine into the depths of darkness, bringing light for all.

What a beautiful start to the week after Easter. Christ rose so that we may live. Christ rose so that the power of death and sin cannot enslave us, but rather, to set us free. Death has no hold on Him, He is risen!

God is showing us a modern-day miracle. He is bolstering our faith, showing us that prayers are heard and that His power can overcome the very worst of situations. Let us rejoice in this miracle and praise His name for the great God that He is!

Prayer– “Great God of miracles, I praise you with my soul today as you show me your power and great love. Help me to continue to see miracles in my everyday life as evidence of your love and power over death and sin. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”



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