“What Happens in Vegas…..”

“Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.”— Proverbs 3:3

I am tired of so much right now. I’m tired of hurricanes. I’m tired of people’s homes and lives destroyed from nature’s power. I’m tired of war and threats of war. I’m tired of flags flying half-mast, every week, it seems. I’m tired of the news. I’m tired of politicians fighting instead of getting things done to better our country. I’m tired of yet another, senseless massacre, killing and destroying the lives of so many.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.


There is no way this can stay in Vegas. The events of the last couple days cannot possibly stay in Vegas. They impact us all. They impact the farmer, the doctor, the teacher, the janitor, the retail associate, the day care worker, the father, the child, everyone. We are all humans and mixed up in the mess of humanity together. This event sends its wandering fingers out to impact the hearts of every race, every creed, every nation. We mourn our dead. We shake our heads. We cry. We scream. Why? Why? Why………..?

Anyone else tired along with me?

When we get tired, it’s easy to despair. To give up. To grow angry. To see demise instead of opportunity. To lose faith instead of gaining it. To grow cold and hard. To cross the line into hating others. To doubt a loving God.

I think the verse above from Proverbs is a reminder to us all— whatever else we lose, whatever emotions we find tossing around in our hearts and heads, we NEED to hang on to love and faithfulness. We need to keep them close, the psalmist says to “bind them around your neck”. Write them on our hearts. We need them both desperately in a time like this and they bring power for good, power to heal.

As our country reels from another human disaster and signs of suffering are everywhere, bind love and faithfulness to God around your hearts and minds this week. Pray. Cry. Love your loved ones. Hope. Keep the faith. And then share that with someone else who is tired, who is struggling. Love and faithfulness can get us through anything, no matter how bad. We need to share that to a hurting world this week!

Prayer–“God of grace, I sometimes tire of the things of life, especially bad things that are happening. I can’t always find the words to say to you, sometimes I feel numb and I wonder where you are. I pray for your Spirit to comfort me and reassure me that love and faithfulness still reign. Help bind those to my heart, mind, and life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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  1. I just shared this with my sister Kathy and she asked me to send her email for future blogs. You so aptly express what is in our hearts these days.


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