A New Chapter

“And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”— Revelation 21:5

I like books.

There is something about having a physical object with pages in my hand, turning them with my fingers, feeling the texture of the paper, folding the corners at times (yes, I know I should use bookmarks), laying them down and picking them back up.

There is also something satisfying about seeing progress in a book, looking at the pages in the binding to see how far I have read and how much I have left to read. Is the chunk of pages large or small? I just can’t feel the same about it reading a book on an iPad.

As I turn the pages of a book, I notice that some chapters may be boring or dull, and I want to read ahead, or at least skip a few parts to get through it. Other chapters may be exciting and leave me hanging, waiting to turn the page and start another exciting thought. Or I may read slowly and savor the words, the images, the storyline. Sometimes I have to race through a book to see what happens and can’t put it down. Other times a book gets put down, life gets in the way, then it gets picked up again.

Such is life.

I am starting a new chapter— a new job. I’ve been looking a bit in the past year and finally found one that seems a good fit. After several false starts with things that didn’t work out for one reason or another, this one did. It’s like the start of a good book. As I get into the opening chapter and learn the ropes of a new environment and new co-workers, I am excited to see where it will head. Will it be dull and boring and I’ll want to race through it? Will it be exciting and I’ll want to go slowly and savor it? No matter the experience, a new chapter is exciting!

With God, we can always have a new chapter. As the Spirit breathes life into us daily and brings change to our hearts, new chapters are a way of life. Endings and beginnings. Heart yearnings. Hearts satisfied. That is how God works. God is in the business of making everything new.

What new chapter are you beginning today? How might God be working through your life as you start it? Walk into the new chapter, trusting God is with you always, and look for His lead… and then months later, look back on the “book” of your life and see how you have grown!

Prayer–“God of new beginnings, thank You for Your grace that brings me closer to You. Open my eyes and heart to how You will work in the new chapters of my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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