Hills of Life

“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in you I trust O my God.”– Psalm 25:1

It has been a tumultuous week observing and reading about the events on the world stage and I just had to get out today in the sunshine and focus on something else.

I chose familiar territory to ride my bike—a trail near my house. I grabbed my sketchbook, pens, and helmet, with a determination to bask in the uncomplicated world of birds singing, diamond-like ripples dancing on the lake, and gentle summer breezes. As I was riding the trail, I came up to a hill and a small figure of about three or four years old in a dress on a bike with training wheels stood on the hilltop. I could see her parents going down the hill, but she stayed at the top. Nervous, scared….I couldn’t tell. Then all of a sudden she started pedaling down the hill, legs pumping faster and faster, and with an excited voice she yelled, “I did it!” Rocking a little on the training wheels, the bike sped to the bottom of the hill where she joined her parents and brother, who was also pedaling a bike with training wheels.

I smiled to myself as my mind reminisced back to the days when I had kids on bikes with training wheels. I remember the excitement and fear in their faces when they finally got the hang of it. I remember that awesome day when the the screwdriver came out and the training wheels came off the bike. Oh, those were wonderful times and I lived them again with that little girl on the trail.

A Scripture that has been going through my head today has been Psalm 25:1—“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in you I trust, O my God.” As I took time to bike, relax, and enjoy nature, I truly did lift my soul up to God. A soul that is a little tired. A soul that is anxious about our country’s future. A soul that needs to feel peace and joy and get some focus. A soul seeking God.

I was reminded that God is like that little girl and her parents—always there, waiting for us to ride down the big hills of life. God provides support along the way, just like training wheels, to help us through difficult times. As we seek Him and lift up our souls, our concerns melt away and we can find peace.

Where do you need to lift up your soul to God today? Where do you see an opportunity to trust in Him? Life has hills, but know you can pedal along the path of life and find peace in Him today and always!

Prayer–“Gracious God, You are with me in the hills, distractions, and concerns of life. Be near me today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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